I first came to the University of Teesside to study BSc Visualisation and although I really enjoyed the first year I found that I didn't want a career in graphical programming. So I changed to BA Post-Production and Visual Effects which I completed in 2007.

While growing up I moved around a lot and so went to a number of secondary schools but sat both my GCSE and A level exams at Tavistock College in Devon.

I received twelve GCSE grades, four As, six Bs and two Cs. The four As were for Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics which I am very proud of. I took both Mathematics and English Language exams a year early and actually completed the English exam while in Paris on a science trip organised by the school.

After completing GCSE Mathematics a year early I went straight on to start the A level syllabus. Because of this I completed six modules and finished with A level Mathematics (B) and AS level Mechanics (E). I also took Biology (B), Computing (C) and Chemistry (D).

After college I took a gap year in which I spent the first summer teaching windsurfing at a summer camp in the USA. When I got back I took part in many voluntary projects, helping British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), Plymouth Youth Afloat (PYA) and the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC). I completed many courses through the SCC and gained the Millennium Award for the number of hours I put in.